Grade 9-12
On-Demand Webinar

AP Microeconomics: Production Possibilities Curves

Time: 60 mins,
Presenter: Amanda Stiglbauer


In this webinar teachers will:

  • Construct PPCs from sets of data.
  • Apply the concept of opportunity cost to a PPC.
  • Analyze the significance of different locations on, above, and below a PPC.
  • Analyze the different shapes of production possibility curves.

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In this webinar, teachers will learn how the production possibilities curve can be used to demonstrate the concepts of scarcity, opportunity costs, trade offs, efficiency, and economic growth. Using the new AP Microeconomics 5th edition student and teacher guides, we will walk through the intricacies of the content using a interactive approach, use ready made assessments to check for understanding, and discover how to gamify the content to make it fun and accessible to students.