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Grade 9-12
On-Demand Webinar

The Economics of Incarceration

December 14 6:00-7:00pm ET
Time: 60 mins,
Updated: January 19 2023,
Presenter: Theodore Opderbeck


Teachers will be able to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the prison system in the U.S. from an economic perspective
  • Examine alternatives that promote the development of human capital and rehabilitation.
  • Discuss resources and lesson plan ideas to incorporate in the social studies, civics and economics classroom.

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In this economics webinar, analyze the outcomes of the current state of the prison system and law and order beliefs in the U.S.


What are the costs and benefits of the current imprisonment model of America, and how can we move to a system that is more focused on rehabilitation and the development of human capital?

We will discuss how our current system is failing and how we might move to a more economically efficient, humane prison infrastructure. Also see how to weave creative lesson plans and learning activities into the discussion.  Your students will relish the opportunity to analyze a relevant, current events topic and propose some opportunities for reform when it comes to mass incarceration.