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Grade 9-12
On-Demand Webinar

The European Union: Past, Present, and Future

March 01 7:00-8:00pm ET
Time: 60 mins,
Updated: January 19 2023,
Presenter: Theodore Opderbeck


Teachers will be able to:

  • Examine the historical development of the European Union and the Euro Zone.
  • Explore the successes and challenges faced by the EU.
  • Explore some of the possible future trends regarding the EU moving forward.

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In this webinar, you will explore the genesis and development of the European Union over time and ponder its future.


In this webinar, we will examine the historical development of the European Union and the adoption of the Euro as a standard currency. We will discuss the successes enjoyed by member nations within the framework of the European Union and analyze some of the major challenges within recent decades and discuss future trends. Teachers will be introduced to creative lesson plans and learning activities as well as digital formative assessments options in order to make the topic relevant and dynamic.