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Grade 9-12
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Winter Institute – Microeconomics: “Microeconomic Foundations: A Teacher’s Guide”

Updated: November 22 2023


In this session teachers will:

  • Enhance their understanding of the principles of microeconomics including demand, supply, and market equilibrium.
  • Examine different market structures, their characteristics, and implications of price and output decisions.
  • Become familiarized with current real-world examples to make microeconomics relevant and engaging for students.



The Winter Institute – Microeconomics: “Microeconomic Foundations: A Teacher’s Guide” is an educational experience designed to deepen teachers’ knowledge and enhance their pedagogical skills in the subject of microeconomics. This lecture style session, led by our Master Teacher, Susanna McConnell, aims to provide teachers with a comprehensive understanding of key microeconomic concepts, interactive teaching methodologies, and relatable real-world examples to bring economics to life in the classroom.