There are many places where you can keep your money. Depending on what you want to do with your money, some places are better than others.


You will read about safe places for keeping money; you also will learn about places where money can earn money.



Follow along with this informational activity to learn all about where you can keep your money.


  • Where are some places people put money they carry with them?
  • When would keeping money in your pocket or a wallet be a good idea?
  • What are some other places besides a piggy bank where you could keep money safe at home?
  • Why would putting your money in a bank be better than putting it in piggy bank?


When you go to a bank or credit union, what would you expect to see? Complete this interactive activity to see if you know what belongs in a bank and what doesn't!

More Fun!

The Adventures of Dollar Bill talks about the meaning of the terms deposit, balance, and withdrawal.

The Adventures of Interest Ray explains what interest is, how people get it, and why the bank gives it to people.


There are many different places where people can put money and other things they value to protect the items from being lost or stolen. The advantage of putting money in a savings account at a bank or credit union is that money grows when it is deposited there. Banks and credit unions pay us interest for letting them use our money.


Take the following quiz and answer the questions True or False.